We Are Evolution House

This is the house of EVOLUTION.  It’s your house.  It’s a place we’ve created to foster your own personal evolution, whatever that may be.  Whether it’s simply having fun in one of our classes, achieving short-term or long-term fitness goals, or becoming the best version of “you” that you can be, this HOUSE was built for you.  

We are so excited to be a boutique indoor cycling studio in Chino Hills. Our classes are jam-packed with energy, great music, and an intense workout. Taking one of our classes is like partying on a bike!

We live to motivate and evolve together. At the beginning of the month, we officially launched! We can't believe how supportive and loving everyone has been! We can't wait to continue this journey of evolving together as one big house! 

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Feel free to join us! Sign up in the menu above! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at hello@evolution-house.com. We can't wait to see you on a bike!