This is the house of EVOLUTION.  It’s your house.  It’s a place we’ve created to foster your own personal evolution, whatever that may be.  Whether it’s simply having fun in one of our classes, achieving short-term or long-term fitness goals, or becoming the best version of “you” that you can be, this HOUSE was built for you.  

Evolution House is a boutique indoor cycling studio located in Chino, California.  We specialize in high-intensity, full-body indoor cycling classes.  Our signature 45-minute and 1-hour full body Evolution House classes are set to heart-pumping music so every minute feels like a party on a bike, and are designed to target your legs, glutes, upper body, and core.  Our classes will leave you feeling accomplished, inspired, and dripping in sweat!

With the music as your inspiration and our instructors who live to motivate, our goal is to evolve together.  We build each other up, we don’t show off, we just show up.  We uplift, we encourage, and we evolve together.  We don’t judge or compare, we embrace the here and now.  We push our limits, break out of our comfort zones and have a good time doing it!

We can’t wait for you to join the EVOLUTION HOUSE movement. 

A Message From The Owners

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Welcome to Evolution House! 

Our passion for fitness and cycling and experiencing this love daily with our community brought about this crazy dream of operating our own studio.  We believe strongly in taking care of our own bodies and staying fit, and it is our goal to spread this affection for fitness through a fun, energetic and unique way! Our mission is to provide the best indoor cycling experience possible in an environment where all riders can continuously evolve, grow and reach their true potential.  From our instructors and staff to our bikes, facility, and technology, you will see that we considered everything in building this house for you. 

We look forward to riding with you and we are excited to watch you evolve with us!